First new issue of 2006 available now

Wait a minute… these are Tattoo photos? Well, yes. It seems that The Tattoo’s long-standing photography curse has lifted. We have wonderful shutterbugs all over the world now, including Nimh Ni Mhaoileoin in Ireland, who took these shots at a recent concert in Dublin. Pretty cool, eh? And there are more great photos coming.
This issue also has Rachel Globowski’s first printed piece for us, a news story about an innovative teen day in West Hartford, Conn., and a news piece by Molly Horan about some English students who are traveling from the original Bristol to Connecticut’s Bristol.
In addition, there’s a fine column by Elizabeth Walle about getting that awful “thin envelope” from the college of choice and another stellar Justin Skaradosky cartoon.
It’s a pretty good start for the new year — and our 29th issue of this academic year.
By the way, we’ve now got 148 issues of The Tattoo in print, most of them available as PDFs on our web site. Just about every published piece is also on the web site (and the rest will be one of these days!) along with a great deal that went online only.
The Tattoo doesn’t just offer the best teen journalism in the world. It also offers a whole lot of it!
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