First Tattoo ‘Mooncake’ Party

Kaishi Lee, Hila Yosafi and Stefan Koski at Mooncake Party

Seizing any excuse for a party, The Tattoo held its first Mooncake Party on Saturday night, featuring mooncakes that Kaishi brought from Singapore. There were pineapple tarts from Singapore, as well, until Stefan ate them all.
Kaishi also made fried rice and managed to turn tofu into something pretty good to eat.
I’ll let Kaishi explain the origins of the Mooncake Festival some time. It has something to do with lovers and the moon.
In attendance were Kaishi, Hila, Stefan, Katie, Kate and Josh, along with Steve & Jackie. Kaishi is in her first semester at Wesleyan; Katie is starting school at UConn; and Hila is in law school in New York. Stefan, Kate and Josh are still slogging through high school.

Kate Haire and Katie Jordan

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  • HEY! Looks like you guys had an awesome time =) It’s nice to know that Kaishi has brought along Singapore “tradition” for you guys to enjoy. Hope everyone’s doing well and taking good care of themselves!