Eid Holidays

Gazans still celebrate Eid, even in a tent

Boys sit in the rubble of a home in Gaza. (Dalia Al-Najjar/YJI)
KHANYOUNIS, Gaza Strip – With the coming of the fall and the beginning of the rainy season in Gaza comes the anguish of homeless people who lost their houses in the most recent fighting with Israel.
It’s worse now, because the simple shelters and tents they made for themselves can’t protect them from the cold or the wind.
By Gazans are welcoming Eid al-Adha, the second feast for Muslims and trying to think of it as a divine gift to reduce their burdens and lessen their sufferings.
The days before the Eid, which fell on Oct. 4, witnessed very crowded markets, as people went to buy some candies, clothes and many other things.

Fadah El Najjar, center, with her daughter
and granddaughter in front of the tent where
they are living since losing their home. (Dalia Al-Najjar/YJI)

After Eid, there will be many wedding parties for whose who were delayed because of the war. Many people visited graveyards to visit their loved ones.
Fadah El Najjar, an older woman from Kuzaa, lost her house and son in the war.
 “It’s very difficult and sad,  I don’t know how it’s going to be without my son,” she said just before Eid began.
She started to cry when she reminisced what he used to do on Eid in the past.
“The first Eid we spent it in schools and now this one in tent,” she said.
But the children are very excited and waited impatiently for the Eid holidays. They ran through the streets cheering Eid and spreading hope and love with their innocent voices.
Dalia Al-Najjar is a Reporter with Youth Journalism International.

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  • I am glad that you are able to express yourself with writing. Your articles give me an insight of life in Gaza.

    I have been to Palestine/Israel but 21 years ago, we were not allowed into Gaza. I cannot remember why. However, the churches sold the wonderful handwork of the women of Gaza and I bought as much as I could as gifts to carry home in order to support the Gazan families. I wish you well in your writing and encourage you to continue.