Halloween? Meh. It’s Just Another Day

BIRMINGHAM, United Kingdom – October 31st has never been a particularly exciting day of the year for me. I have never regarded Halloween as much more than the last day of October.
Maybe this is because I didn’t grow up annually celebrating Halloween, but this holiday never really held any appeal for me.
I can recall attending a Halloween party once, when I was about seven, but aside from that,  all the dressing up and decorating – even trick-or-treating – has been lost on me.
If I were still a young child, I do believe that Halloween would be a bigger deal to me. When I was younger, people didn’t participate as much as they do now. In recent years, love for the ghoulish occasion has grown substantially.
I personally have no problems with Halloween. It’s the perfect opportunity to dress up, get yourself some free sweets and have a bit of harmless fun with your friends.
However, my friends have never been the type to host Halloween gatherings, so each year as October 31st passes by I have felt no need to differ from my everyday life.
As a teenager, I consider myself beyond the appropriate age for trick-or-treating, but I know many young people my age have no intention of quitting the activity anytime soon.
Taking a trip to the local cinema – instead of going door to door – to view the latest horror flick is probably what most teenagers are expected to do.
Although it is highly unlikely that I would see an elaborate ‘scary’ scene whilst walking past a neighbor’s house, around this time of the year there is no shortage of
Halloween-related items in shops and supermarkets.

Perhaps Halloween is a bigger deal than I give it credit for – maybe my blasé attitude towards it all is what’s stopping me from joining in with all the fun.

Lauren Pope is a Junior Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

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