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Have fun on TikTok, but be careful

Tik Tok time. (Yunkyo Kim/YJI)

Maghill, Liverpool, England, UK – I’ve been a user of TikTok for just under a year and in that time, it`s become harder and harder to get off the app.

It`s simply far too easy to keep on scrolling.

But that doesn’t mean TikTok is entirely bad, and certainly not something to avoid completely.  For me, it is a place to explore my interests and feel connected with other people my age over shared inside-jokes.

But that comes with having to learn how to take time away from the app, whether that be by deleting it for a while or putting screen time limitations on my phone. That way, I can still sit down and focus when I need to.

Though many think TikTok is just dances and silly gags, I’ve noticed the content becoming more and more diverse and meaningful, particularly during the Black Lives Matter movement when the app took on a distinctly educational tone.

It seems increasingly likely that TikTok will be around for some time, even when the `hype’ is over. It would be worthwhile to join the platform, but do so carefully.

Matty Ennis is a Reporter with Youth Journalism International. He wrote this personal perspective and an accompanying news story about TikTok.

Yunkyo Kim is a Senior Correspondent and Illustrator with Youth Journalism International. She drew the four-panel cartoon.

Losing track of time? It might be TikTok o’clock

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