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High-flying Texan turns heads

BRISTOL, Connecticut, U.S.A. — Look out for 15-year-old female in-line park skater Deborah West as an up-and-coming force in her sport.
With her high-flying and fast-rolling style, West turns a lot of heads while strutting her stuff on the course.
And at her young age, she is bound for skating stardom in due time.
West is from Plano, Texas, but rarely gets a chance to be home.
She gets homeschooled, but manages to still get good grades with mostly Bs.
Despite being tired from constant touring, she doesn’t mind it all that much.
She is currently sponsored by K2 and Eisenberg Skateboards after skating for three years.
The “hot boys” got her into inline skating, according to West, so she’s not intimidated at all when it comes to competing with the guys.
“I love it,” said West.
She said, “Guys push my limits,” which she said makes her skate harder.
West has now competed in three X-Trials events.
On Saturday, West skated in a mixed preliminary competition with men and women.
She placed fifth out of the seven women contenders, but didn’t rank high enough overall to qualify for the finals.

Sam Yosafi is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

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