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International Flavors Abound at Busy Gambian Market on Africa’s West Coast

A van makes its way through the crowded Serrekunda Market in The Gambia. (Lama Jallow/YJI)
SERREKUNDA, The Gambia – From producers to consumers, wholesalers to retailers, Serrekunda Market is one of the busiest markets in The Gambia.
People come from faraway places to sell their products and then go home and prepare for the next day.
Djula traders, who are long distance traders coming from the north and upper river regions, cross the River Gambia from
Barra to Banjul and continue to Serrekunda where they will sell their goods.

The Serrekunda market on the tip  of The Gambia. Traders cross the River Gambia from Barra to Banjul to reach the market.

As one of the busiest markets around, foodstuffs, clothes, furniture and other materials are in abundance.

Food is imported from Nigeria mainly from Gari.

Some of this food has now become part of the Gambian dishes.

The market is mostly controlled by foreigners, mainly from Conakry, Guinea; Nigeria, Senegal and other places.

The red pin marking Serrekunda in The Gambia shows it in the context of northwestern Africa geography.

Many people come and buy food stuffs and sell them in their local markets. Goods are often cheaper in Serrekunda than in
their regions.
Tourists from different countries visit the market often with their cameras to take pictures. Others buy African foods to cook and eat.
Religious differences do not mean people have to be separated at the market. Christians and Muslims interact and oftenbuy goods from each other, which paves the way for an absolutely fantastic atmosphere in the market.
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