Joy riding with Joe

Okay, it wasn’t really joy riding with Joe. It was more like hopping aboard the campaign express with an embattled U.S. senator, his wife, some aides and a few stray reporters. And it was cool.

Go along for the ride with Tattoo reporter Wesley Saxena and find out what really happens behind those tinted glass windows.

Check out the story.

Oh, yeah, in case you’re wondering. When The Tattoo sought to interview Sen. Lieberman, he invited our reporter and photographer onto his campaign bus for a few hours and sat down for a lengthy interview just a few days ago.
His opponent, Ned Lamont, who was not particularly swamped at the moment we approached him, responded to our request for an interview with this: “You’ve got seven seconds.” He sounded like he meant it. Lamont actually gave us more time than that, but….

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