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Katy Perry Offers "Biggest Party Of Year"

By Jenna Potter

MANOTICK, Ontario, Canada — When I bought my tickets for Katy Perry, I wasn’t completely convinced about this pop princess.
Her songs were catchy and infectious, which made it difficult not to know every word of her songs by heart. I could recite “California Girls” in my sleep, even though it was never a real favorite of mine.
However, after seeing one of her sold out shows recently, Perry quickly became one of my favorite musical artists.Her show offered the perfect mix of singing, dancing and pure entertainment. I never felt like I was at a concert.
Instead, I felt like I walked into the biggest party of the year.
From the scented air to the pink clouds floating above, the arena was transformed into Perry’s dream world: a candy coated paradise.
When the opening video played, and the deafening screams of the crowd reached a whole new octave, I was anxious for Perry to hit the stage.
She kicked off the show with a bang with her hit “Teenage Dream,” wearing a rhinestone encrusted dress topped off with rotating lollipops.
Perry played hit after hit, each song introducing a new element, whether the futuristic acrobatics in “E.T.” or over ten costume changes in one song during “Hot ‘N Cold.”
The videos that played in between costume changes followed a specific plot line that was cute and entertaining, mainly centering around Perry’s love for cats. She was quirky, hilarious and impressively personable.
Perry also covered hit songs by other artists in a segment she titled “Katy’s Karaoke,” giving her own rendition to “Whip My Hair” by Willow Smith and “Friday” by Rebecca Black (who recently starred in her new music video). Her vocals were consistently amazing.
The most exciting part of the show for me was when Perry took to her pink cloud and travelled to the back of the arena – right above where I was sitting.
I had no idea I would have the opportunity to get a front row view of the concert, but here she was, singing just a few feet away from me her emotional ballad “Thinking Of You.”
Everything about this concert was nothing short of amazing. Time flew by in an instant.
It wasn’t long before she was singing her encore, “California Girls,” and I was singing right along with her, but this time it was because I loved the song and I officially loved Katy Perry.
She won me over, and she’s now gained another loyal fan who will root for her at the award shows and anxiously await for the next new song to be released.