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Remembering Amy Winehouse

A memorial to Amy Winehous outside her flat on London’s Camden Square, where fans have left a mixture of flowers, pictures and drink bottles. (Photos by Noah Kidron-Style for Youth Journalism International)
By Roohani Deshpande
Junior reporter

NEW DELHI, India – The premature death of the exceptionally gifted musician Amy Winehouse last weekend sent shockwaves throughout the world.Winehouse fans are deeply grieving her sudden absence and the loss of true talent.

It’s heartbreaking to lose such an extraordinarily talented artist so soon. She was a legend and had a voice which almost no one could match.

There are few people who are not afraid to be different, and she was just that. She wasn’t just a great musician, but also a great person, and the fact that she would no longer be a part of our lives is terribly sad.
Her death at the age of 27 makes her a member of the “Forever 27 Club,” one of too many young artists who died at 27, including Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Kurt Cobain.
As a musician, Winehouse displayed a diverse talent. She will be remembered for her powerful vocals and mixture of various popular genres.
An inspiration to many female artists, Winehouse wasn’t just a national success, but also an international figure.Her 2007 release “Rehab” won three Grammy Awards, including Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. It reached the Top 10 in both the United States and United Kingdom.
But apart from these remarkable successes, she was also famous for substance abuse, self-harm, depression and eating disorders.
The news that her body had been found in her apartment at London led to a large number of tributes from her fans, fellow musicians and celebrities. Famous people like Rihanna and Demi Moore expressed their deep sorrow over the loss over the social networking website Twitter.
Winehouse’s death also spurred much discussion about substance abuse and whether her long battles with drug addiction caused her death.
But let us look upon her death with love and hope.Though she won’t ever record or perform again, she will forever live in our hearts through her music. May her troubled soul find peace.