Cool Facts About Youth Journalism International

About YJI Students
* YJI has published work by students in 31 countries on five
continents and at least 24 U.S. states
* Students in YJI come from every major world religion –
Christianity, Islam, Judiasm, Hinduism, Buddhism and more
* Student reporters have covered everything from the
Egyptian revolution to prison conditions in Mumbai, American teen suicide and
pregnancy, terrorist attacks around the globe, music and movies, the World Cup,
the Olympics, national elections and natural disasters like hurricanes, floods
and mudslides to the senior prom.
* YJI student work has been featured on PBS NewsHour Extra,
National Public Radio and many newspapers and textbooks, including one for
middle school students published by National Geographic
* YJI students have interviewed many famous people,
including the Dalai Lama, Desmonde Tutu, Little Steven Van Zandt, Tony Hawk,
Derek Jeter and Miss Manners
* More than 120 students have won awards and scholarships for
the work they’ve done for YJI
* YJI has never charged students to participate
* YJI is recognized as a Top Educational Charity by
* picked YJI as its “Daily Impact” charity
of the day on July 24, 2011
* is featuring YJI for a charitable drive in
Greater New York City in August 2011
* With a small number of volunteers struggling to keep up
with the demands of a growing organization, YJI desperately needs to hire its
first paid staff person
* YJI has received donations from Google, the Mohegan Tribal
Government and Microsoft, but students, alumni, and their families and some
loyal readers currently provide the bulk of financial contributions
Random cool stuff
* Well over a million people have read the work done by YJI
students online and in print
* Two students who met through YJI ultimately got married
and are working as reporters today
* Hartford Magazine wrote a five-page feature story about
YJI in its August 2011 issue
* The New Britain Rock Cats named YJI students as
“Hometown Heroes” in 2006
* YJI student Samantha Perez was specifically honored by the
Louisiana State Senate for her Hurricane Katrina coverage
* YJI students and alumni get together at least twice a year
to eat, talk and play games. These gatherings in Connecticut have included
students from South Africa, Korea, Nebraska, England, California, Canada,
Singapore and New York.

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