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Last Jedi: for Star Wars fans, old and new

From the official Star Wars Facebook page.

Doune, SCOTLAND – On the premiere day of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, I eagerly awaited the end of the school day, which couldn’t come soon enough.
As the final bell rung, two friends and I jumped on the bus and undertook the half-hour journey to the cinema to finally watch what we had spent agonizing months waiting for: a new Star Wars!
Star Wars: The Last Jedi, directed by Rian Johnson, was definitely worth the wait. A two-hour journey of extraordinary visuals, a moving story and legendary performances from the cast, especially Carrie Fisher and Adam Driver, cemented the new movie in Star Wars history.
From start to finish, The Last Jedi defied the expectations of the audience and paved a new story unalike from any previous Star Wars film.
While some long-term fans of the franchise might feel the film irreversibly twisted the narrative of the previous eight installments, I think Johnson gave The Last Jedi a much needed breath of life with his take on the story. Regardless of your opinion on the plot, it can’t be denied that this new film was a unique and thrilling addition to the Star Wars legacy.
The Last Jedi was my favorite film of the year, narrowly overtaking Get Out. It made me appreciate how lucky I was that the Star Wars films are being continued and in such a good way. My friends who came to see it with me shared similar viewpoints.
“I thought it was good although the side story didn’t add a lot,” said Aimee Laing.
“I think the film was really well made but I see how (spoiler) might split opinions,” said Max Dimmer.
The talented acting of the late Carrie Fisher left a somber note to the film. With it being just over a year since her death, her final contribution to the world of cinema is all the more appreciated in reflection and guarantees that she will always be remembered in history as the iconic Princess Leia.
Filmmakers included a dedication to Fisher in the credits.
I definitely recommend The Last Jedi if you haven’t already seen it. It makes for a memorable experience for both new Star Wars fans and the dedicated followers who have tagged along since A New Hope in 1977.
Owen Ferguson is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International.