Living in sin, or just living?

That darned Joe Killian, former Tattoo ace, is heating up the pages of the Greensboro News & Record. The latest is a column about why he moved in with his long-time girlfriend. Check it out here: Meeting the parents: minding your manners.
By the way, the headline is a classic example of some copy editor missing the point. (For those who don’t it, writers almost never write the headlines on their stories or columns.)

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  • The galling thing is that that’s not even the title my editor chose. The original “Shacking up” was changed to “Moving In” to “Meet the Puritans” to “Meet the Parents: Mind Your Manners” — which is, as you say, not at all what the column’s about.

    Of course with as pissed as Gretchen’s dad is about this column maybe that should be my last concern…