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Longtime Judy Blume Fan Meets The Author


Youth Journalism International reporters meet author Judy Blume in Hartford on Thursday. From left: Mary Majerus-Collins, Avery St. Germain, Judy Blume, Kiernan Majerus-Collins, Yelena Samofalova

By Avery St. Germain

Junior Reporter
HARTFORD, Connecticut, U.S.A. – After growing up with Judy
Blume, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got the chance to meet
Some authors write such meaningful novels, and then go
on to make such terrible decisions in life.
My first sight of Blume was when she walked through the
doorway, talking with some friends and signing fans’ books. She
was older than I had thought, but her eyes, so like the characters
she wrote about, were lively and full of energy.
Youth Journalism International reporters circulated around
the room, asking younger children about their own experiences with Blume.
The author had been in families for generations, her books teaching and
inspiring people everywhere.
When we finally got to talk to her, the way she spoke
reminded me of all her characters. Margaret, Steph, Sally, Peter, and so
many others – her writer’s voice showed through in her conversation.
During the Clemens lecture for the Mark Twain House, Blume
was smart, funny, and personal. She shared her experiences with the audience
about how her stories came to be, some difficulty with fan mail, talked about
her family, and even gave her aspiring novelists some advice. 
“Read,” she told us. “Never, ever give up.”
The advice seemed so direct, so real, so simple. Blume has
been an inspiration to me my whole life, her words reaching out to people
everywhere, changing lives and the way people choose to act.
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