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‘Miss Americana’ reveals Taylor Swift’s humanity

From Taylor Swift's official Facebook page.

Clarksburg, Maryland, U.S.A. – As a self-proclaimed ‘Swifty,’ I have spent my quarantine re-listening to Taylor Swift’s music. Upon the unexpected release of her beautiful ninth studio album, evermore, I decided to re-watch Miss Americana, a Netflix documentary exploring the star’s life.

The documentary was released early this year on Netflix, but first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

From the start, Swift’s reputation of being a gifted storyteller shines through. Masterfully crafted into a true work of art, the film delves into the star’s identity.

Moments of vulnerability and openness created a feeling of friendship, painting a narrative about the subtle parts of Swift’s personality and music that have gone unnoticed for far too long.

Almost like a continuation of her music, Miss Americana is poetic and unique, wondrously taking viewers through masterfully crafted stories of love, pain, and beauty.

Swift’s own life and experiences are seamlessly intertwined with the stories told in her songs. It is accurate to the present day, yet timeless and universal, simultaneously making the film both thought provoking and emotional.

The star’s sass and pop music style made appearances, bringing viewers back to another era of Swift.

Greeting fans in Tokyo dressed up in outrageously intricate costumes for her music videos, we can picture Swift as the magnetic pop star she is.

But most of the documentary highlights Swift’s personality as an artist, a creator, and human. Seeing one of my idols curl up with her cat beside her piano humanizes her and makes her seem more real.

Miss Americana depicts the heart of Swift’s massive success: her talent and persona.

The heart of the documentary is truly in the depths of Swift’s internal conflict. Without extreme special effects or a magnitude of dramatic music, Miss Americana created a beautiful depiction of a woman’s fight for self-acceptance, love, and confidence.

Swift revealed her personal struggles with self-esteem and eating disorders in the film, further humanizing someone often seen as merely a pop culture figure.

This intriguing film offers a narrative completely juxtaposed to the Swift often seen on our television screens: a diva with bright red lipstick singing out to her cheering fans.

In the film, we see a woman rise after being beaten down, shine after her light was stamped out, and persevere through all the challenges thrown at her on her rise to stardom.

Miss Americana is timeless and will remain in my heart, just like Swift’s music.

Sreehitha Gandluri is a Reporter with Youth Journalism International.

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