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My hometown: West Windsor, New Jersey

A street in West Windsor, New Jersey. (Gauri Nema/YJI)

West Windsor, New Jersey, U.S.A. – Small, busy and diverse, West Windsor is a community town with a large Asian immigrant population.

Overshadowed and influenced by Princeton University, West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional school district is usually the reason many families move here. It is certainly the reason my family and most of my classmates did.

Excellent public schools are a big reason people move to West Windsor. (Gauri Nema/YJI)

The schooling here is the pride of our town, often sending graduates to esteemed Ivy League colleges. On May 1st, Commitment Day, our high schools are filled with seniors in top-tier college merchandise and stressed underclassmen.

The town manages to raise its youth on a very regimented education system that idealizes success and sets standards for achievements. The environment, at school and home, also tends to glorify STEM programs and underestimate the power of liberal arts.

By high school, students have had so many opportunities that most realize their destiny and passion, so putting up with the pressure from our community pays off and we receive endless love and support.

The Delaware and Raritan Canal. (Gauri Nema/YJI)

Together, West Windsor recognizes its flaws but also cherishes what it does right. In the end, the residents from here have nothing but love for their hometown.

A bonus is also the short train ride to New York City, making it an easy commute for working parents. It is a perfect combination which never fails to attract Indian and Asian families. Not to mention, the multiple Asian food markets, Indian grocery stores and Asian restaurants make everyone feel at home.

This strip mall in West Windsor includes Woo-Ri Mart, an Asian supermarket. (Gauri Nema/YJI)

Besides those, other places to enjoy in town are the Mercer County Park. It’s especially nice to go by the lake for a stroll with your dog or ice skating in the winter. The two malls, which include multiple shops and a movie theater, are also usual spots to go to with friends.

A common outing for families is often an evening at the Princeton University campus, which is only a 15-minute drive from West Windsor. The campus serves as a cultural hotspot with frequent events, such as the Jazz Festival and Communiversity. The McCarter Theater always presents thrilling performances.

West Windsor is only one of the many places I’ve had the pleasure of calling my hometown, but my time in West Windsor has blessed me with experiences that I am forever grateful for and friendships that are unbreakable.

After I began high school, I really knew that I would always have a welcoming home here.

Gauri Nema is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

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