New issue again today!

From April 1994 to December 1996, The Tattoo turned out a grand total of nine issues. At the time, that seemed pretty good for two and half years.
Times have changed.
In the last month, we did it again: nine issues — this time in 29 days, an average of two a week instead of one every three months.
We can’t keep up this breakneck speed, of course, but it’s quite something that so many talented kids from across the globe have contributed so much to get The Tattoo’s volume 12 off to a racing start.
This week’s issue has a terrific sophomore journal from Nebraska’s own Zach Brokenrope, cartoons by Justin Skaradosky and Joe Keo, a news story from Bristol’s Molly Horan and back to school pieces from Marese Heffernan in Ireland and Michel Lee in California.
And here’s the best thing: we have every intention of turning out another page next Monday.

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