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Nils Lofgren still plays the guitar he got when he was 16

Before a Bruce Springsteen concert in Hartford, Youth Journalism International’s Luke Pearson spoke one-on-one with guitarist Nils Lofgren of the E Street Band, a musician whom Springsteen calls “the greatest guitarist in rock and roll.”
Pearson: Are you nervous coming back on the stage with the band after four years?
Nils Lofgren: “No, not really. Actually, I’m more excited than nervous. Just to go out there and play some music is exciting.”
Pearson: What do you think is your favorite song?
Nils Lofgren: “Oh, that’s so hard. Every song is so great. Though two songs I do really enjoy [are] “Radio Nowhere” and “Long Walk Home.”
Pearson: What kind of guitars do you use on stage?
Nils Lofgren: “I use the Fender Stratocaster. That is my oldest guitar and I use it on the hard rock songs. I’ve had it ever since I was 16.”
Pearson: Are you going to stay in Hartford after the show?
Nils Lofgren: “Unfortunately, no. After the show, the band and I are packing up and going down to New York and then Philly to continue our tour.”

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