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Olympics Bring Unity

Tucson, Ariz., USA — Positive cross-cultural encounters happen when people from all around the world come together for one common goal.
I believe that is what the Olympics does.
All the most dedicated athletes can come to one place and show how hard they have worked to represent their countries. They give us something to be proud of and it especially gives younger athletes, such as those in high school, something to strive for.
I’m a runner and a soccer player, and as I watch the Olympics, I see what I could do if I work hard and stay motivated.
The Olympics are a huge topic of discussion at my school because my cross country teammate’s father, James Li, is a coach for Track and Field at the Games. We love to talk about the Olympics and we especially loved seeing Michael Phelps win.
It’s really a way to bring not only countries together, but all athletes and spectators, too.
Even though some of the athletes in the Olympics don’t have the best sportsmanship, a little competition encourages all of the athletes to put forth their best effort.
If you don’t win the Olympics, just being given the chance to participate is an award in itself.
We have so many things to be thankful for in the Olympics.
Every country can be proud of the Games for bringing people from all over the world together — that alone is a big accomplishment.

Mariah Pulver is a Junior Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

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