One last Tattoo issue for 2005

With today’s publication of Samantha Perez’s 25th Hurricane Journal entry — don’t miss reading it! — we’ve hit the end of the road for an astonishingly productive year.
In 2005, we published 39 issues of The Tattoo, far exceeding what we’ve done in any previous year.
Since school began in August, when we started counting for our 12th volume, we’ve had 28 issues (12 devoted to Hurricane Katrina, four to our “Fun and Games” package, five “Insider’s Guide to High School” editions and seven regular Tattoos). We’ve never had more than 21 issues in an entire school year before so already we’re 33 percent more productive than ever before — and we’ve got almost nine months to go!
While things will slow down a bit over the winter, there’s still plenty in the works. The Tattoo is on a roll.
Check it out, as always, at The Tattoo’s web site, where we have archived 12 years’ worth of stories, cartoons, columns and more. Spend some time digging around in there and you’ll be surprised at the gems you’ll find.

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