Pakistan’s White Ribbon Campaign Awards Contest Honors YJI Reporter Arooj Khalid

Arooj Khailid

Arooj Khalid, a senior reporter for Youth Journalism International who’s tackled many tough subjects from her home in Lahore, Pakistan, recently was recognized by the White Ribbon Campaign Pakistan for her journalism.
Khalid, who is 16, was recognized in the first White Ribbon Media Awards.
The awards honor journalists whose work supports the cause of women’s rights in Pakistan. Founded in 2006 by the Women’s Empowerment Group, the White Ribbon Campaign’s mission is to create awareness, especially among men and boys, of injustice towards women and violations of women’s rights in Pakistan.
Most recently, Arooj wrote for YJI about a 12-year-old girl who worked as a kitchen maid.
Youth Journalism International offered enthusiastic support for her entry in the White Ribbon Campaign’s competition. Congratulations, Arooj!

The certificate Arooj Khalid received from the White Ribbon Campaign. (YJI)

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