Pandas: The Highlight Of The National Zoo

Mugdha Gurram/YJI
WASHINGTON, D.C. – It’s fun, it’s free, and it was only about a 10-minute walk from our hotel, so of course we took the time to go visit the National Zoo.
We were probably most excited about seeing the giant pandas, and we were not disappointed.
The pandas were out, and they managed to look adorable while feasting on bamboo – giving us the perfect opportunity for a few selfies.
The zoo is officially the Smithsonian
National Zoological Park and part of the Smithsonian’s many free offerings in the capital city.
The animals there stay in large, open spaces filled with trees, rocks, and toys that let them learn and play.
And video feeds like the panda cam allow visitors to watch these little guys even when they’re spending a day in the den.
The zoo around in fall is absolutely beautiful; the changing leaves provide a colorful background to the animal habitats.
Even the rain didn’t stop us from enjoying the zoo. We simply headed into the bird house to take a look at our winged friends.
From among the variety of animals we saw, my personal favorites were the pandas.
I’ve never seen them in real life, so it was a fun, new experience.

But of course, it was wonderful to see the elephants, the flamingos, the zebra and the multitude of other animals there, too.

Mugdha Gurram and Van Nguyen are Reporters for Youth Journalism International. This story was written by Gurram. Both took photographs.

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