Please secure all loose items: A woman’s guide to dressing for success and thrills

Ruth Onyirimba and Shelby Saunders loved riding Down Time at Lake Compounce. (Kiernan Majerus-Collins / YJI)
BRISTOL, Connecticut, U.S.A. – A day at Lake Compounce requires planning. Be sure to bring sunscreen, a hat, comfortable walking shoes, swimming gear and a bag of assorted bras.

Shelby Saunders ready to take off on the American Flyers. (YJI)

Here’s our best advice for what to wear on the park’s various attractions.

American Flyers: This fun and interactive ride allows you to control your height and speed.  Hop on with whatever undergarments
you’re already wearing and choose the velocity that best allows safe and secure
baggage storage.

Antique Carousel: 

Girdle up for these beautiful 19th century hand-painted horses. You can   take your pick of either a standing or a jumping horse, depending on the tightness of your corset.

Boulder Dash: This award-winning wooden coaster takes you up and along the mountain at an incredible speed. Riders beware: high
impact sports bras are a must, maybe double up if you’re worried. Matching neck brace optional, but highly recommended.

Shelby Saunders takes a spin on the carousel. (YJI)

Bumper Cars: The answer to this question is in the title of the ride. Even if you try to avoid the intense collisions that naturally occur with children behind the wheel, we’d still recommend at least a low impact sports bra for this bumpy ride.
C.P. Huntington Train: Tired from all the bra-switching madness? Take the scenic, convenient and, most importantly, bra-free train back
to the main grounds. Certainly lower impact than walking all the way.

Down Time: The drop on Downtime is short but thrilling. The 185-foot drop felt much shorter at 60 mph, but after the initial stomach flip, the fall is smooth and gentle. Almost no pain, a simple bralette is recommended.

Ferris Wheel: Ferris Wheels may date back to the 1800s, but the politics need not – go ahead and free the nipple on this smooth, scenic ride.

Mary Majerus-Collins behind the wheel at the Bumper Cars. (YJI)

Kiddie Coaster: If you’re wearing a bra like we are, you might be too old for this ride.

Phobia: This steel coaster lacks the more bouncy qualities of the wooden ones, without losing any of the thrill. This ride is a must for any roller coaster enthusiast. We would recommend at least some kind of upper-torso support, though the ride is so smooth that a sportsbra isn’t necessary.

Riding in the front seat of Phobia are Ruth Onyirimba. left, and Mary Majerus-Collins. In the rear seat are YJI’s Shelby Saunders and Alan Burkholder. (Kiernan Majerus-Collins/YJI)

Pirate Ship: This massive swing was a fun break from the whirling coasters.  Lake Compounce claims you will be “tossed like a ship in a perfect storm,” but our loose items were secure. No bra necessary.

The Wave Swinger: The swingset of your wildest childhood dreams has become a reality. Catch a nice breeze and free the nipple on this smooth ride.

Thunder N’ Lightning: This gravity-defying experience will take you up into the clouds. If you chose to ride it once or twice, a regular bra will suffice. But if you want to ride it four times in a row like we did, then a low impact sports bra is ideal.

Riding Thunder ‘N Lightning are, at left, YJI reporters Alan Burkholder, Shelby Saunders and Mary Majerus-Collins. (Kiernan Majerus-Collins/YJI)

Trolley: This antique 1911 trolley offers a comfortable, smooth ride to the Thunder Rapids and Sky Ride. Coincidentally, 1911 was also the year Californian women won the right to vote. Make like a second-wave feminist and burn that bra.
Waterpark: We recommend a bathing suit for all water-related rides, and it wouldn’t hurt to opt for a super-supportive one.
Wildcat: Strap in tight for the park’s 1927 wooden roller coaster, and we guarantee your journey will be historic. For those who have not yet experienced it, we recommend a high impact sports bra. This ride doesn’t have the smooth contours of the newer roller coasters, making it a very bumpy ride.
Zoomerang: Taking the rider both forward and backward along a steel track, Zoomerang offers a thrilling roller coaster experience. However, it was a bit jiggly, so we would recommend a low impact sports bra.
Disclaimer: Lake Compounce requires a shirt and shoes to be worn everywhere in the park with the exception of Crocodile Cove, where a swimsuit may be worn instead.
Shelby Saunders, Mary Majerus-Collins and Ruth Onyirimba are Reporters for Youth Journalism International.

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