Praise Navy SEALS For Bin Laden Raid, But Prepare For Al Qaeda’s Retaliation

MELAKA, Malaysia – When I heard that Osama bin Laden had been killed, my first reaction was disbelief.
I thought that it might be like what we always see in the movies: an impersonator takes the role of the bad guy, the real bad guy disappears to have facial surgery, and resurfaces a few years later.
I couldn’t wait to get on the internet so that I could have more details about what happened. From the news reports, everything seemed movie-like. But unlike movies, this might not be a happily-ever-after ending.
According to United States President Barack Obama, the world is a better and safer place because bin Laden is dead.
I beg to differ. There is no doubt the Al Qaeda will not rest until they have avenged the death of their leader. They will consider him a martyr and will be willing to die in avenging his death.
Every time I read the latest headlines from the BBC and various newspapers, I’m afraid I’ll find out there has been a terror attack that has claimed many lives.
No one in the world is safe and we should not let our guard down just because bin Laden is dead.
I am not filled with pity that Bin Laden is dead.
I have been hearing a few of my friends saying that no one should rejoice in a death of another human, much less our enemy. I think that bin Laden’s life was pitiful, but his death is justice, especially for the victims of the atrocities of Al Qaeda.
When people remember the death of Osama bin Laden, all they will remember is the evil that lasted his 54 years.
That is the legacy he has left behind and that is the legacy he deserves. His followers might write any number of pro-Osama memoirs and biographies, but the rest of us will never be able to erase the memory of his terrible deeds.
I am glad that justice has been meted out.
I am glad that President Obama gave the go-ahead for the killing. I am glad that U.S. Navy SEALs managed to kill him in the raid they called Operation Geronimo.
I am glad that none of the American commandos got killed despite the risky operation.
I am glad that we have found Osama bin Laden.
Kudos to the U.S. team involved in Operation Geronimo! We might never know who all the individuals involved were, as there is no doubt that Al Qaeda is baying for their blood.
We should pray for their safety, but they also deserve our respect and congratulations for a job well done.


  • Well said. The news made me proud to be an American, while realizing there is great risk.

    Mother of a U.S. soldier currently deployed, mother-in-law of a U.S. sailor currently deployed.

  • well, it takes one thing to bring the world most wanted man(terrorist) down, at the same time it takes another thing to let him live as a free man when he has committed a lot of horrified things……..that man is evil, it does not represent Islam. Islam means peace tho i am a Christian but it is one of the greatest accomplished assignment done by the Obama administration..i give kudos to the people designated to take this act……..there's nothing to be afraid of, he has committed a crime and he should be punish with something greater than death itself and this should be a sign of warning to the rest Al Qaeda and their terrorist crew