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Putting Packages In The Mail

YJI President Steve Collins lugging boxes through the snow in Connecticut.
Youth Journalism International sent out packages to students all over the world today. Each of them contained an individualized YJI Press Pass and more. Boxes went Tennessee, Michigan, Oregon, Georgia and Maryland in the United States and to England, Malaysia, Scotland Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Armenia. It’s just one more way we’re bringing the world’s most talented teens together.
Your tax-deductible donations help make all of this possible. They are greatly appreciated.
By the way, we’re committed to recycling at YJI so we try our best to reuse boxes wherever possible. We know it looks a little shabby, but it saves a tree or two.
YJI’s executive director, Jackie Majerus, at the post office with many packages.
Youth Journalism International’s annual journalism contest is underway. See for details.