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Rajotte says Tattoo is one big party

BRISTOL, Connecticut, U.S.A. — Joining The Tattoo was one of the first things I did freshman year, and proved to be one of the most interesting ventures I’ve taken. I knew it was about writing and that’s what I wanted to do. Besides the opportunity to write (and learn to write well) with veteran reporters, The Tattoo offered more than I thought. I wasn’t the only teenager interested in writing — I found myself in a whole group with this common interest. I was published in a newspaper, which is a unique experience, something that my grandmother loves, and a wonderful thing to put on college applications (not that I had THAT in mind when I joined or anything).

Even those who may not want to pursue a career in writing (but especially those who do) can benefit from joining The Tattoo. It’s fun, laughter, bad jokes, silly people, parties that can’t be topped, and an appreciation of excellent writing talent all rolled up into one ball of giggles. In the eternal words of Gershwin, “Who can ask for anything more?”

Jen Rajotte is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

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