Read the best writing about Hurricane Katrina

In the year since Hurricane Katrina slammed ashore last Aug. 29th, millions of words have been written about what happened and why. None of them are as good as the journal that 17-year-old Samantha Perez started writing for The Tattoo the day the hurricane destroyed her home in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana.
Anyone who wants to understand what happened should read Perez’s stunning, detailed, heart-tugging account at
Here’s just one of the many, many comments we received from readers who stumbled across Perez’s journal and coudn’t stop reading: “I have just finished reading your online journal. I can hardly find the words to tell you how impressed I am. You have so much talent, and more than that, so much strength. You keep on writing. You will only get better, and I can hardly wait to read your stories. I know we don’t have a clue what you and your family and thousands of your friends and neighbors are feeling, but your words give us a little insight. We pray for you, we hurt with you, and we encourage you to keep on climbing up, till you have overcome this awful thing that has happened.”
The journal is long but utterly absorbing. Just make sure you have a box of Kleenex at your side before you begin.
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