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‘Rent’ offers a serious look at life, love

BRISTOL, Connecticut, U.S.A. — “Rent” is not your father’s rock opera.

Sassier than “Jesus Christ Superstar,” hipper than “Hair,” and more today than “Tommy,” Rent’ s 2-CD recording brings together the best of 90’s music with the issues of America’s youth.

This Tony award-winning musical sings of AIDS, homelessness, and the comforting power of love. Praising the bohemian lifestyle of the starving artist, Rent’s lyrics are true to life and unapologetic.

The realistic characters and moving plot line leave even the most conservative listener stinging in sympathy for social injustice.

While strongest when listened to in a play format, the individual songs also hold their own as singles.

“Seasons of Love,” the musical’s feature ballad, has been recorded for radio play with the cast of Rent and singer Stevie Wonder. It is included on the album.

Rent is not for the timid, easily offended, or those who prefer life’s volume to be turned down to level one.

Michelle Driscoll is a Reporter from Connecticut for Youth Journalism International.

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