Spending A Sweet Summer Day At Connecticut’s Lake Compounce

The wave swinger is a classic ride on the Lake Compounce midway. (Laura Espinoza Jara/YJI)

BRISTOL, Connecticut, U.S.A. – Aside from its renowned classic wooden roller coasters Boulder Dash and The Wildcat, Lake Compounce is best known for its extensive water park, with sprinklers, water playgrounds, a lake beach and plenty of slides.

The water slides vary in size and type. Some feature three adjacent slides allowing for races while on others, riders use tubes. One spirals down the outside of a lighthouse building.

Most of the slides are covered, leaving riders in the dark to face all the exciting twists and turns.

Most of the slides are covered, leaving riders in the dark to face all the exciting twists and turns.

Some of the water rides at Lake Compounce, as seen from the opposite side of the lake. In the center is the lighthouse structure, which has a speed slide circling the exterior. (Mugdha Gurram/YJI)

The set of three parallel slides – the Tunnel Twisters – allows for good-natured competition among friends – as well as having the possibility to end friendships if one of the three cheats and goes early.

Of course, competition is hard when you have to pull yourself forward onto the slippery part of the slide like a beached whale after the ride operator says ‘go.’ It does give you something to blame your inevitable defeat on, though.
The park’s large variety of water attractions entertains kids of all ages, and allows everyone to have fun, even those with a low tolerance for the thrills and screams that occur with some rides.

We should say, however, that some attractions require more swimming ability than others, so non-swimmers should be wary.

One of the park’s attractions that’s perfect for young ones is Clipper Cove, which has a pirate ship covered in sprinklers, water buckets and mini-water slides perfect for kids.

Also for the even younger kids there’s an area with really small slides and adorable octopus-themed swings for toddlers.

For parents who want a place to themselves inside the crowded park, Lake Compounce offers cabanas for rent with a picnic table – and even better – shade.

While lines can feel slow at times, particularly under the harsh gaze of the sun, most water park lines offer a nice view of the park that makes up for it.

To avoid lines completely, head for the water park attractions without any wait time, like the kids’ areas and a few sprinklers.

The water park -is perfect for a summer day.

The cool water is a nice contrast to the heat, particularly if you’re standing in the sun for awhile as you wait for a chance to ride the more popular rides like the Zoomerang.

Mugdha Gurram and Mary Majerus-Collins are both senior reporters for Youth Journalism International. Olivia Kalsner Kershen is a photographer for Youth Journalism International.

VIDEO: Go along with Youth Journalism International’s Alan Burkholder as he narrates a trip on the Sky Ride, a unique experience at Lake Compounce in this short video below. Watch carefully. You’ll spot other YJI students, too.


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