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Stop and think about transgender people

A banner for the event introducing transgender people to Pakistani students. (Amber Shakil/YJI)

Lahore, PAKISTAN – Unfortunately, we are a part of a society where transgenders are not accepted. We have never tried to study about their gender.

We have never tried to talk to them and get to know them.

They are just normal human beings like any of us. They need love as any other living thing needs it.

Amber Shakil

The seminar by the student group Hasaas that introduced transgender people made a huge impact on me.

Although I knew about this third gender, I never considered them or thought about them or how they struggle in this society.

I really didn’t think about how many times they’ve been victims of unjustice. But listening to them talk about the way they had struggled was really helpful. I found it amazing.

It is the time that we stop stigmatizing them. It is how our country can progress.

We teach that everyone is different and every individual should accept the way they are. So when they have started accepting their gender – the thing which is absolutely normal – then who we are not to accept them?

Just think, and start changing your ideas!

It is an individual responsibility that not only we should accept them; we should care for and support them on every level. Not only is this humane, this is a moral responsibility on us. Human is to be humane.

So if we want Pakistan to stand true to its name, the land of pure, we have to come with sustainable ideas. I would like to quote Khalil Gibran here: “I have heard many of you say that we will give, but only to the deserving but the trees in your orchard say not so, the flocks in your pastures say not so. And he who has deserved to drink from the ocean of life deserves to fill his cup from your little stream.”

Amber Shakil is a Senior Reporter with Youth Journalism International. Read her news story about the seminar on transgender people.

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