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Summer In Pakistan Means Luscious Melons


Arooj Khalid /


A watermelon seller in a Lahore, Pakistan market with his goods


By Arooj Khalid
LAHORE, Pakistan – I don’t know about others, but I love, love, love watermelons.
Ahh! They are so red, so juicy, so yummy, especially when
I am a total fan, and nowadays, you can see tons of watermelons
everywhere in Lahore.
The melons here are part of the Sunday bazaar, and most weigh 3
or 4 kilograms – about 7.5 pounds – but there are heavier ones for those who
want them.
They cost 20 Pakistani rupees per kilogram, or about 21 cents in the
U.S. per 2.2 pounds.
Arooj Khalid /
At a watermelon stall in a Lahore bazaar, some look red because of the color of the tent overhead.
                                          Arooj Khalid /

Melons in the market in Lahore, Pakistan