Supreme Court’s Ruling Is A Step Forward

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan, U.S.A. – Wednesday marked a historic victory for the gay community and liberals everywhere when the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that same sex couples who are married are guaranteed the same benefits as heterosexual couples.
The court also ruled that California’s law prohibiting same sex marriage is unconstitutional.
It is a remarkable step forward in guaranteeing the same civil rights in regards to marriage for all persons, but it is not good enough.
We must legalize same sex marriage as a nation.
The Supreme Court also implied that states have a right to decide whether or not they will allow same sex marriage. However, in a state where sex marriage is legal, those couples must have the same rights that those in a heterosexual marriage do.
So the Supreme Court left it up to the states to decide, and conservatives are still not happy. That is where the problem lies. Conservatives are all for state’s rights, aren’t they?
Not in this case apparently, as the Republican uproar from this ruling has been nothing but slamming the court’s ruling.
While Democrats and the gay community rejoice, the party that is stuck in the 1950s has had another major setback to their agenda. While Republicans say they stand for constitutional rights and protecting the Constitution, they are constantly hypocritical in cases like these.
The problem isn’t with citizens believing in what they want, but when they try to force those beliefs on others who don’t share the same views.
With the court’s ruling, we have taken a step forward as a nation. We as citizens have certain unalienable rights that cannot be denied. Marriage for same sex couples is one of them.
Therefore, the Supreme Court should have ruled that any legislation banning same sex marriage is unconstitutional.
Supporters of marriage equality wanted same sex marriage to be legalized nationwide. This is a landmark victory for us, but there is still work to be done. 
Aiman Jarrar is a Junior Reporter for Youth Journalism International.