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Take charge of your own life

Eya Labidi/YJI

BAHRAIN – We all have a mission to have a happy life, a smiling life, a life full of love.

We we all want to enjoy the wonders of our great, surprising world, to live a life of love, gratitude, sharing and abundance.

We want to enjoy every moment and let ourselves be carried by the wings of freedom.

But few people dare to live their dreams due to fear of failing. Not many people dare to express the extraordinary potential that is inside them.

They prefer to stay in their comfort zone and find themselves at the end of their lives imprisoned by regret and the urge to start over.

To live your life depends on one thing: to decide it.

Making the decision is not just wanting it. It’s about using every moment to honor the one and only thing that you’ll never have twice: your life!

It’s not the circumstances that are important, but what you do with them. It is not how long the road is but how long you will travel on it.

The most important thing is not how long you will live, but how are you going to live?

What will make you stronger is not success, but the number of times you will recover from failures.

Just take these few sentences and you will transform your life forever. You are going to allow yourself to use the potential within you to achieve your goals, to create the life that suits you and live your dreams.

If you are reading this right now, this means there is still a flame inside of you. Don’t let those who have decided to shut theirs down push you to be like them.

You are free to use the light inside of you to shine on and impact the world, your surroundings and your family.

You have a choice. You can do something sad with your life and let it be filled with fear and anger. You can say it is other people’s fault, and make excuses.

Or you can take responsibility now to choose the life that suits you, to live your dreams, to overcome all obstacles by persevering and staying connected to what makes you a unique, magical, living being, simply a human being.

So take action now and shape your life.

Eya Labidi is a Junior Reporter with Youth Journalism International.

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