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Tattoo blurbs used to market games

Proving once again that Out of the Box — a game maker — often knows what’s good, its web site now offers several excerpts from The Tattoo’s reviews of its games.

“If you’re looking for a fun and easy game to play at your next get-together, run to the store and buy Apples to Apples, a game of fruits and fun.”
Justin Skaradosky and Kate Haire, The Tattoo, USA

Apples to Apples reviews


“Unlike other word games…My Word! doesn’t require the players to be English majors in order to win.”
Stefan Koski, The Tattoo, USA

My Word reviews


“[Squint] sparks conversation, arguments, and a good time for all players, regardless of if you win or not.”
Katie Haire, The Tattoo, USA

Squint reviews


“You come to expect certain things when playing trivia games…Whad’Ya Know?, based on Michael Feldman’s public radio quiz show by the same name, has a habit of breaking all these stereotypes.”
Zach Brokenrope, The Tattoo, USA

Whad’Ya Know? reviews

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