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Tattoo writers, photographers capture Scholastic Press Forum prizes

For the first time ever, The Tattoo won a photography contest — twice!

Florida teen Josh Gales took first place in this year’s Scholastic Press Forum competition and another Florida teen, former Connecticut resident Eric Simmons, got an honorable mention. Both took hurricane-related pictures.

Nebraska teen Zach Brokenrope won two first-place awards, for columns and for his profile of a clockmaker who conceived a birth control clock back in the 1960s.

Minnesota teen Minha Lee won in the news category for her story about the impact of three deaths on a high school class there.

John Elfed Hughes, who lives in Wales, got a first place for news features for his story about the closure of a 400-year-old school that he attended.

An English teen, Hayley Slade, got an honorable mention for her first-person essay “That was my double decker bus” about the terrorist bombings of the London transport system last summer.

Links to all of the winning stories and pictures — and Samantha Perez’s Hurricane Journals, too — are available by following this link to The Tattoo’s web site:

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