Thanks To All Those Who Give

Happy National Philanthropy Day!

It’s National Philanthropy Day in the U.S. and Canada today.
I learned about it from GuideStar, an organization that helps donors determine where best to offer their gifts.
YJI is listed on GuideStar and also on, where we are ranked as a top-rated educational non-profit
organization. We’ve got over 50 reviews posted there, written by YJI students, alumni, parents, grandparents and professionals, all testifying to our work. If you haven’t seen it, please give it a look.
In the meantime, we’d like to take this moment to recognize all the good people, organizations and corporations who have given of their time, talents, energy, expertise and hard-earned money to help us teach young journalists and build bridges between cultures worldwide through Youth Journalism International.
Thank you all.

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