The hottest political story in America — and we’re on top of it

Joe Lieberman on his campaign bus.

The Tattoo’s Wesley Saxena spoke with both of the candidates in Connecticut’s hot political primary in recent days. Both U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman and challenger Ned Lamont, hero of the anti-war movement, took time to answer Saxena’s questions for a story that will be online this weekend at

Ned Lamont fields questions from Tattoo reporter Wesley Saxena.

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  • The right question has not been asked of Joe Lieberman. The real question is why he is sticking with Bush and the Republicans on Iraq and the war? The answer is ISRAEL. Joe is Israel’s Senator, and Israel want us in the war in Iraq. Israel also want us to go after Iran and Syria. Check Joe Lieberman’s record. Israel can do no wrong. I am also for Israel having security, however, Joe sholuld be a U.S. Senator first and an advocate for Israel second.
    Everyone knows that Bush’s and the right-wing republican’s so-called pro Israel stance is purely for political purposes, and a way to get a foothold in the Middle East, where the oil is. Ifr a new energy was discovered tomorrow that did not need the Middle East and its oil, do you think that the republicans would give a damn about Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iran or any of the Middle East countries?
    Te Question is WHY is Joe Lieberman
    sticking to his guns. The above is the answer.Everyone knows the answer, but no one want to say it.
    We Americans are such Hypocrites!