The Tattoo is churning out issues — and giving teens caught by Katrina a voice

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With today’s issue – the latest in The Tattoo’s Insider’s Guide to High School series – The Tattoo has had five editions in the past 15 days, more than we’ve had during some entire years. Three of them were devoted to the Insider’s Guide and two focused entirely on the personal stories of teens whose lives were upended by Hurricane Katrina.
If you haven’t checked out the Katrina stories, do. You won’t want to miss Samantha Perez’s heartbreaking Hurricane Journal. We’re publishing each piece online as she turns them in and the audience for them is growing daily.
You’ll also find high school freshman Jesus Manuel Diaz, Jr’s account of spending five days in New Orleans during and after the hurricane.
The Insider’s Guide pieces that are also available include a look at boarding schools, a story on being the only girl at an all-boy’s prep school, making the most of junior year and some wonderful cartoons by Justin Skaradosky.
It’s all available at
Keep reading. We have more material than we know what to do with, which is a welcome problem.
Thanks for your continuing support!
— Steve Collins & Jackie Majerus
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