Two issues from April online now

Catch up with The Tattoo!
This month, we’ve had two great issues.
On April 2, we published a piece from Trinidad teen Kate Agard about how she spent the wild days of Carnival on her island paradise, a review of “Freedom Writers” by Connecticut teen Beth Pond, a piece by Singapore teen Geraldine Soon about meeting up with one of The Tattoo’s writers from India, a review of “I Spy” photographer Walter Wick’s recent museum exhibit, and a new cartoon by Justin Skaradosky that our Bristol-based readers will especially appreciate.
This week, in addition to the pieces by teens in Blacksburg, Va., we have Kate Agard’s cautionary tale about getting drunk, a news story by Beth Pond about Kurt Vonnegut’s death, a news story by Sean Soltys about the new Everest Expedition rollercoaster at Disney’s Orlando, Fla. amusement park and another wonderful cartoon by Justin Skaradosky.
We’ll have more soon, so keep checking back!

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