Fix News Photo Essay

Ugandan Opposition Leader Returns To Kampala Streets, But So Do The Army Tanks

By Bwette Daniel Gilbert
Youth Journalism International
KAMPALA, Uganda – Opposition leader Dr. Kiiza Besigye returned to the country last week.
Besigye’s arrival on May 12 coincided with the inaugural ceremonies for President Yoweri Museveni, making Entebbe Road the busiest of roads.
It was used by the delegates to came to the president’s ceremony and also by Besigye’s supporters, who welcomed him back.
Besigye, a physician who leads the Forum for Democratic Change, returned from getting medical treatment in Nairobi for his eye, which was hurt during a brutal April arrest.
All photos, by Senior Photographer Bwette Daniel Gilbert, were taken during the ruckus between the inauguration ceremony and Besigye’s return. He escaped the tear gas.