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Wall-E recaptures the beauty of animation

ST. ANN’S BAY, Jamaica – Disney films have long since failed to wow viewers. “WALL-E,” its latest venture into the world of animated comedies, completely redeems them.

The film, written and directed by Andrew Stanton, and done in association with Pixar Animation Studios, proves that Disney has not lost its touch and that it is still fully capable of producing excellent animated films.

“WALL-E” proves that there is still is a place in the world for the well-beloved cartoon.

“WALL-E” is essentially a comedy set 700 years in the future. It chronicles the adventures of a lovesick robot that for years has been on Earth, cleaning up the mess we humans have created.

The robot, also named WALL-E (short for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) is a ‘garbage-robot’ designed to make the earth habitable again after land pollution has made life on it impossible.

WALL-E is a lovable character and is apparently the last functioning robot on Earth. He goes throughout the days, doing his job while collecting knick-knacks and befriending a cockroach.

Humans, meanwhile, have been living in space and have been periodically sending robots to the earth to see if life is sustainable once again.

WALL-E, after inadvertently finding the key that could lead to humans re-colonizing Earth, falls in love with one of these robots, EVE, and what follows is a wonderful adventure that takes us through space, introducing us to a brilliantly funny group of malfunctioning robots and obese humans.

While the robots don’t do much talking, the movie is anything but boring. It is reminiscent of the silent films of the past which relied on the movements and actions of the actors to inspire viewers.

The film also incorporates excellent visual effects that are bound to leave lasting images in viewers’ minds.

The Disney and Pixar animation team really out did itself as WALL-E is an unforgettably funny character who leaves a lasting impression on everyone he comes into contact with in this Oscar winning film.

One would think that an animated film would appeal to only the young. But I assure you “WALL-E” has something for everyone. Children and teens will love the antics of the robots and adults will appreciate the strong environmental undertones of the movie, which warn us of the harmful effects of consumerism.

“WALL-E” includes the voices of Kathy Najimy from “Sister Act” and Sigourney Weaver from the “Alien”series of movies and is worthy of the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film that it received at this year’s 81st staging of the event.

“WALL-E” proves that there is still a place for the animated film in today’s world and that these films can still be enjoyable while incorporating sensible, cautionary messages.

Disney and Pixar have, in “WALL-E,” recaptured the spark that made films such as “Toy Story” and “Finding Nemo” smash hits.

Jason Lofters is a Junior Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

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