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Oscar night is honey for Jai Ho

ORO VALLEY, Arizona, U.S.A. – “Taste it, this night is honey,” is a loose English translation of a few lines from “Jai Ho,” the winner of the song category in the Oscars this year.

And that night was sweet as honey for all those involved in the movie “Slumdog Millionaire.” Not only did they win Best Picture, but they won in seven other categories, including both music categories, song and score.

Nominated in the song category were two songs from “Slumdog Millionaire,” “Jai Ho” and “O Saya,” and “Down to Earth” from “WALL-E.”

“Down to Earth” had uplifting lyrics and an upbeat sound during the chorus, while “O Saya” had unhappier lyrics and a darker sound. And although both songs were great in their own way, they didn’t compare to the beautiful lyrics and energetic sound of “Jai Ho.”

Even though it was in a different language, the happiness still shone through.

People from all around the world can enjoy this song, as it is not suited toward just one audience.

Not understanding the lyrics definitely does not hinder the listening experience. And even if you can’t sing along, the song still encourages listeners to get up and dance, which is probably what the people involved in “Slumdog Millionaire” are probably doing after their amazing Oscars night.

Mariah Pulver is a Junior Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

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