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Want to succeed? Choose high school friends wisely

Dominican Convent High School in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. (Makhosazana Kunene/YJI)

Bulawayo, ZIMBABWE – Entering high school can be very scary and exciting at the same time.

Let’s not forget high school has a lot of challenges that young people face – lots of peer pressure, judgment and problems in school.

When you are starting high school you will have to know what you are going to do in school. You will need to know what your goals and dreams for the future are. That way you can start choosing the subjects that you want, especially the ones that will help you in the future.

You have to make time every day for your books. Any day when you did not understand something at school, you should go back to your teacher and let him or her explain it until you understand.

The other thing you have to know is that there will be bad kids in school. You have to make sure you don’t let them influence you to do bad things like take drugs.

Make sure you always keep your head focused on your school work and your goals. Don’t be misled into doing bad things by your friends or your peers in school.

Make good decisions when you are choosing your friends. Choose friends who will influence you positively. Don’t make friends who will tell you to abscond from your lessons or get drunk.

You might bump into the kids who are bad influences, but just try by all means to avoid them. Keep your mind on achieving the goals you set. You want to impress others in the school but by doing what makes you happy.

Always make sure you read your books. You can also find a hobby you like such as drama, dance, music or sports. Always make decisions that will impact you positively in the future and remember to say no to drugs. School is very important and will also make your future bright.

Makhosazana Kunene is a Junior Reporter with Youth Journalism International.

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