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War comes to London, but doesn’t need to spread

DIXON, Illinois, U.S.A. — Today isn’t such a good day.
It was supposed to be an exciting day because I’m supposed to leave for New Mexico for a two week hike in the wilderness.
Now I’m not feeling so sure about what I will come back to in a fortnight.
I just found out about the London attacks.
It’s horrifying to see a picture of a bus torn to bits in a country you’ve always thought of as a safe happy place.
I thought the protesters at the beginning of the G-8 summit yesterday were a little violent for Britain . But this is too much.
This attack could not have come at a worse time for U.S. and global politics.
Not only are we, as a country, struggling in Iraq …
Hell, they just said on the news that Al-Qaeda in Iraq killed Egypt’s top diplomat there.
Things are just starting to calm down in the States from 9/11.
Now this.
Now things have hit closer to home for Europe , where it’s been mostly peaceful during the Iraq War.
Though we should never have gone in with military force into Iraq , the attack in London might just give Bush the oomph he needs too push the European Union into helping him finish a fight he should have never started.
I’m afraid, too, that the G-8 conference, which was supposed to be focused on debt relief for millions of Africans, will turn into another roundup of fighters in the “War on Terror.”
I hope that Europe stays true to the idea of peace. We don’t need anything more.
The world has already hit a bottom in terms of humanity.
I just hope our friends across the pond won’t be blinded by anger like we were after 9/11.
People should not act drastically just because they have been attacked.
That’s why we went to Iraq, which is big American punching bag.
I just pray that more nations don’t take up our unhealthy release of frustration.

Wesley David Fane is a Reporter and Photographer for Youth Journalism International.

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