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We need reforms, not posthumous honors

HOUSTON – Yesterday, 21 people were fatally shot At Robb Elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.

Uvalde is in close proximity to San Antonio, Texas. San Antonio is in close proximity to me.

Among those slain were two teachers and 19 elementary school students. Each had a future, a heart, a story to tell.

Their futures were swallowed up by a boy of 18 and his rifle.

His legally purchased rifle.

As tragedies like these have continued to manifest themselves in egregious ways, I’ve noticed a disturbing phenomenon transpiring among the people of my state, the people of my country.

People are becoming desensitized to gun violence and the government is doing little to stop it.

Whether it is in order to maintain peace with the radical right and ensure them their inalienable rights, or simply because these shootings haven’t directly impacted them in any way, many have been eager to offer senseless pity and turn a blind eye for the sake of “democracy” and “diplomacy.”

We are in a state of disarray and utter chaos. Society seems to be regressing as we continuously enable these barbaric acts. We need reforms, not posthumous honors and press releases.

Just how many more people, how many more children, need to die before we realize that Land of the Free does not mean Land of the Freedom to Massacre?

We are letting overgrown juveniles take up arms with ease and feign surprise when they throw deadly temper tantrums with their newfound power.

People are being slaughtered and the most our legislatures are concerned about is our precious Second Amendment.

Texas is one of the only states in America that makes its students say both the United States, and the Texas pledge of allegiance every morning.

Before you sing the Lone Star State’s praises, I implore you to remember each and every single one of the students and faculty who were taken from this world yesterday.

It could have been your sister, brother, daughter, or son sitting at one of those desks in that classroom yesterday. 

This was their Texas, too.

This was their America.

Christine Marino is a Junior Reporter and Senior Illustrator with Youth Journalism International.

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