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With the world put to a test, humanity must stand together

The majority here respect the measures taken and avoid going out unless it is necessary. This is a road in Juffair, normally one of the busiest neighborhoods of Bahrain. (Lina Temzini/YJI)

BAHRAIN – Covid-19 has insidiously killed tens of thousands and sickened more than a million others across six continents. In this new reality we all live in today, the picture is shifting by the day and the situation is only becoming more unpredictable.

As the virus spreads, and as the number of patients skyrocket, nations across the globe are taking strong measures and we are all witnessing an unprecedented shutdown.

From closure of public facilities to travel restrictions and lockdown, this situation is only getting more overwhelming.

But with all the tragic things happening in the world as a result of this virus, we have to keep in mind that everyone is dealing with the same difficult circumstances. We are all thinking the same thoughts, sharing the same fears and battling the same enemy.

Now more than ever, we must remain united and fight this virus together. Now is the time for us to not turn one against the other and to show solidarity.

Despite our overwhelming grief and fear, we must remain resilient and march forward with determination and hope.

The coronavirus pandemic will not last forever. We do not know when it will end; we do not know how it will end; but we do know that it will end and that the world will return to how it was. We may even go out of this stronger than we were.

This is not the first health crisis we’ve witnessed, and it will not be the last. But it definitely will leave its mark on the world.

If a disease can teach us some wisdom, the coronavirus has shown us that only together we are at our strongest. It is teaching us to appreciate all the blessings in our lives and not take them for granted.

With healthcare workers, caregivers and social workers on the frontline of this fight, we are reminded by their compassion, courage and determination, battling to save lives by risking their own.

In being stripped of what we love by the threat of contagion, we are reminded of how much we have taken time spent with our families, our loved ones, our teachers and friends for granted.

People usually visit Amwaj Island in Bahrain for the Lagoon Park, its restaurants and the beautiful sea view. But since the outbreak started, only food delivery is available to avoid contamination. This – an almost empty road – is the entrance to the island of Amwaj. (Lina Temzini/YJI)

In being locked in our houses, unable to circulate the way we would want to, and buying local and unimported products, we are reminded that a virus was able to reduce our ever-growing CO2 emissions within weeks – faster than all of our climate conversations combined have done in years.

In seeing the most powerful countries falling hardest to their knees, we realize that even the best prepared nations weren’t ready. We’re reminded that we should work on the loopholes in our healthcare systems.

During this crisis, we are reminded that beyond our countries, states and cities, we are a single community that shares the same world, a world now witnessing unprecedented crisis.

Especially in such difficult circumstances, we should put all of our differences aside and stand in solidarity for our common humanity.

Today, the whole world is put to the test. In these painful circumstances, let’s appreciate what we have left rather than focus on what we lost.

Let’s cherish the time spent with our family. Let’s read and learn about new things and let’s take care of our tired bodies so we can feel good, strong and healthy. This is how we can cope with all the tragedy around us.

Meanwhile, we should strive to adjust to this condition and work to slow the spread of this virus.

Now, we need to flatten the curve, avoid the massive, unnecessary suffering of those among us and protect the people who are especially vulnerable.

Our present may be beyond our control, but our future is determined by the actions we take today.

Self-isolation and social distancing are not only about you and I, but also the ones around us. We need to look out for one another.

Together, we will tackle this disease and see a brighter future.

We must be united, optimistic, and resolute. We either sink or swim together.


Lina Temzini is a Reporter with Youth Journalism International from Bahrain.

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