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Wozniak Woos Armenia With Tales Of Apple

Narine Daneghyan /

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in Armenia last week


By Narine Daneghyan
YEREVAN, Armenia – Computer pioneer Steve Wozniak
spent time with Armenian students recently, telling them his story of
co-founding Apple with Steve Jobs and urging them to have faith in themselves.
Armenia honored Wozniak, an American, on November 9 with
the Armenian President’s Award called “World Authority in the Field of
Information Technology.”
Wozniak is the second, after Craig Barrett, chief
executive officer of Intel, to receive the prize for contributions to the
information technology sector.
While in Yerevan, Wozniak met with students and
“To reach success, first of
all you yourselves must believe in your powers,” Wozniak advised students.
“Trust in yourselves and don’t be disappointed from the difficulties.”
During the two-hour meeting, Wozniak presented his
story, and especially talked about the creation of Apple in 1976.
At first it was very difficult, Wozniak said, because he worked for Hewlett Packard at the time and
loved that company.
But HP did
not approve of his computer inventions, saying “it’s more a hobby than a
serious business,” Wozniak said.
that, he joined Apple
sold the first lots of computers for $666.66. It was my idea, because I always
loved the repetitive numbers. But we knew nothing about the meaning of that
number then,” Wozniak said.
described how the company came to be named.
One day, Steve Jobs returned from an apple farm and,
pondering over the name of our company, offered to name it Apple Computers. It
was a simple and a dear word, used in our everyday life with such combinations
as, for example, an apple pie,” said Wozniak.
legend said he would like to return to Armenia, as he is deeply impressed with the country. He said
it was a big honor for him to receive the prestigious award.
has become part of me,” he concluded.
Youth Journalism International Reporter Narine
Daneghyan and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak
in Yerevan, Armenia last week.

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