Yes, we have yet another issue out!

Incredible as it seems to us at Tattoo Central, we have ANOTHER Tattoo issue coming out Monday. We’re churning these things out at a stunning pace.
This time around, we’ve got a news story by Katie Jordan about a 100-year-old Bristol, Conn. woman who spent her teen years working at a clock factory. It’s the first of a new series of oral history stories The Tattoo is doing in cooperation with the American Clock and Watch Museum to record the tales of former clock company workers.
Julia Cocca got a nice picture of the woman last week to run with the story.
There’s also an interesting account by Marese Heffernan of going to Irish College this summer. It’s a popular, three-week crash course on Gaelic language and culture that sounds appealing despite the potatoes at every meal.
Zach Brokenrope weighs in with another Sophomore Chronicle that explains, sort of, why he dyed his hair blue.
And, finally, Justin Skaradosky has another terrific little cartoon in his “A look at…” tradition that is fast becoming a Tattoo trademark.
Now don’t read this stupid blog anymore. Read the damn stories!

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