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YJI Afghan, Indian Students Meet In Delhi

     Youth Journalism International’s Edrees Kakar of Kabul, Afghanistan, recently traveled to India. While there,  he met and spent time with student Roohani Deshpande of Delhi. The two are pictured in the above photo.
     On his travels, Edrees also spoke with two other YJI students, Puskal Shivam of Mumbai and Rachel Glogowski, of Connecticut, U.S.A., who is studying in India. Because of logistics, he wasn’t able to meet with either of them in person, but made the most of his time seeing all he could of that fascinating country.
     We’re happy to show more evidence of YJI students connecting, in person and online, to build bridges of understanding between people, cultures and nations. Together, our students are changing the world for the better.
      Watch this space for more photos from Edrees and his travel piece about India.

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