YJI Forges Alliance With EVA Nepal

Here at YJI we’ve been busy on many fronts, but a new initiative we’ve begun is a partnership with EVA Nepal, a non-profit organization that works in Nepal.
In the photo above on the left is Edrees Kakar, a senior reporter for YJI and one of our board members. He’s a student at the American University in Kabul, Afghanistan and has been writing for YJI for five years.
On the right is Laura Spero, a radio journalist and founder of EVA Nepal, which has two programs at the top of the world. One helps provide much-needed dental care and the other, Gaky’s Light, helps promote literacy among children and young adults.
The two met in Kabul recently when Laura stopped there on her way back to New York from Nepal.
Our collaboration through Gaky’s Light will get Nepalese youth writing and doing photojournalism from their corner, or mountaintop, of the world. We’re thrilled to welcome these new students to Youth Journalism International and excited about our new partnership with EVA Nepal.